New Year Lyrics

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We wish you to have the most beautiful days in the new year, we prepared Christmas words on this page for you. Throw these beautiful christmas words with whatsapp or short sms or share it on face or twitter on social media.

2019 New Year Lyrics

Headline: Another year passed with her pain, sweetness, good and bad. Welcome New Year. Happy New Year…

Hope it will be a very lucrative, enjoyable, loving, successful year.

No great things can be done. We hope that all your dreams will be realized in 2019.

I hope that all resilience in the new year will end and live in peace, Happy New Year.

Another year went down; Happy New Year.

Ho ho ho! Happy New Year! Say hello to lovers, lovers, loved ones, a whole new year?

Smiles because of a new year, happy hearts are not happy lovers.

In the new year, the angels show their magic and all the joy and happiness come to you. Happy New Year!

Think about the future so that you have a future. Happy New Year Happy New Year.

I would like to celebrate your new year with all your hopes and dreams to come true in 2019 New Year’s Eve.

Happy new year to all humanity and hope to bring peace and happiness to our country.

Let’s not have a house with two eyes, as long as you have two eyes

Let 2019 bring you health, happiness, success and plenty of profit. I hope you have a joyful year N

I’m ready to live for the sake of my life, not for the sake of my life. Happy New Year, love.

The happy person is the love and self-confidence. Love opens all the doors. I wish you a loving day in the new year. Happy New Year.

Life is for those who know to laugh, to deserve love, to forget fidelity, to remain faithful to friendship. All my friends happy new year lar

I wish the new year will bring health, happiness, joy, success, lots of money, love and peace to you and all your loved ones. Happy New Year.

The worst day is the day we never laughed. Happy New Year is full of wonders, full of hearts and full of sincere smiles.

Each New Year is the harbinger of the newly renewed hopes and the growing love. 2019, but always be beautiful. Happy Birthday.

The most useless day is the day we never laughed. Happy New Year is full of wishing happy and full of hearty smiles.

2018 is such a year that we can make us forget all the negative effects of 2019. We wish a year to fulfill our wishes.

Today goes on to tomorrow by living on yesterday. 2019 will bring you happiness with your beautiful heart, I’m sure. Wishing you a good year.

First love is another, they’re really so dear. I wish to close my eyes with you. Happy New Year.

The biggest time thief is our indecision

Wishing a year where happiness will bring all the wickedness of happiness and successes will fill all the failures.

To the sweetest and most sweet husband of the world… Happy New Year, darling. 2019 Let us bring health, happiness, peace and abundance to our home.

Believe in your heart, trust your friends, embrace your love if you want to change the world. The new year will open all the doors with the key to your achievements. Happy New Year!

Another year of exuberant but tired lives. The best years of the next year’s love, the most exalted of love, happiness is the best years to bring the best years.

I wish you love, peace and entering a new year. Hoping that wars, pains and disasters will be left behind, like a big year that has passed. Happy Birthday!